This Page is dedicated to all of our Doodle Dogs.
This includes Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles, Bernedoodles, and the like...

Puppies: Let's face it... The coat on a Doodle is growing from the time they are born, and never slows down.  In order to maintain a full coated Doodle, your pet will have to spend a great deal of time at the groomers throughout their lives.  The key to getting your Doodle to enjoy their time at Clean Critters is to start them off with grooming at a young age.  If they come in at an early age, they learn how to react to the process of getting groomed and will actually enjoy their time at Clean Critters. We can start working with your Doodle after they have received their 2nd round of Rabies Shots.  We recommend "The Sooner the Better".
You can also work at home with your puppy by regular brushing and handling the paws to get your puppy used to being handled by your groomer.

"I don't want my dog to look like a poodle..."
We hear this often. We understand that some people don't want their dog to look "poofy". When we do a haircut, in order to get the coat even, we must bathe and blow-dry the dog before the haircut. This straightens the hair and leads to a "Poofy" look... Generally, the Kinky & Natural look will quickly (within a couple days) return to the coat.

The Doodle Coat: Doodle coats tend to change from the time they are a puppy, to the time they get their adult coat.   This usually happens at about 1 year.  Everyone loves the feeling of the "Puppy Coat", as it is super soft and cuddly.  This coat is very fine and has a tendency to get matted quite easily. As the Dog gets older the coat will tend to get a bit course, and in general it is easier to keep from getting matted.  People love to keep the "Puppy Coat" as long as possible... This is possible but requires a Tremendous Amount of Time, and Diligent Care.  Most people don't have the time and technique to keep that soft puppy coat from getting matted. If you are not able/willing to spend the time and effort needed to keep the puppy coat in the condition it needs to be, in order to keep a "Longer Groom", then we need to get you in for very regularly Professional Grooming.
How to care for my Doodle's Coat:  The key to keeping your Doodles Coat in good condition is to keep it Clean and Brushed out.  This requires very Regular Baths, followed by a Thorough Drying, then a Full Brush Out! If you bathe your Doodle, and don't follow that with a Blow-dry and Brush-Out, you may be doing more harm than good.  If a wet dog is allowed to dry off without a Complete Brush-Out it will actually tighten the mats that are already present. Most Doodle owners in Austin have a life that may not allow them the time to care for the coat in a way that keeps it in the condition necessary to avoid the dog from getting so matted that it has to be "taken down short".  Once a dog has gotten Matted beyond the "Point of No Return", the only way to get the mats out is to get under the mats with a short blade, also known as a "Shave-Down".  Because we know most of our clients don't have the free time to fully maintain the coat, we offer great deals on "Bath and Blow-Dry Services" for in-between haircuts.