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Bath, Ears & Nails
This is our basic maintenance package:
Deep skin and coat cleaning with a general coat maintenance shampoo. 
Wash, rinse and repeat. 
Ears are cleaned
Nails Clipped & Filed
External Anal Gland Expression (in needed, and you are welcome to request we don't do this if your dog is sensitive to it)
Blow-dry, fluff and brush out the coat.
We shave excess hair from the pads of the feet along with a sanitary trim on the undercarriage. (you are welcome to request we don't do this if your dog is sensitive to it)
Starts @ $55 and goes up depending on Breed, Size, the Type and Condition of the Coat, and Receptiveness of Your Pet to the Grooming Process.
Clean Critters Services
At Clean Critters, we take care to provide our customers high quality services customized for their unique needs. Please take a look at the services outlined below and let us know what you think would be best for your Bubby!
Full Groom (Bath and Haircut)
A Full Groom service includes everything mentioned above, but is intended for our furry friends who need a haircut in addition to their regular bathing regiment. We do all breed specific haircuts, and can customize your pet's style for you. 
Full grooms start @ $90 for all dogs, and go up depending on Breed, Size, Condition of the Coat, and Receptiveness to Grooming Process. Please contact us by Phone (512-487-5075) for a more comprehensive Price Estimate!  (ALL Price Estimates are only an ESTIMATE, and Final Price is not given until the Grooming Process is Complete!)
De-Shed Treatment
If your pet is shedding, then there is no doubt you are spending a great deal of time cleaning up after them.  Make things easier on both of you!  Our De-Shed Treatment requires a bit of regular maintenance to be fully effective and we offer a discounted bath if you come regularly. De-shed Treatment is $10 to $40 in addition to the regular price of your pup's  Bath and Nail Service or Full Service Groom.  

Tooth Brushing
Anal Gland Expression
​We use a safe and effective toothpaste that uses enzymes to work at killing bacteria in the mouth for days, even weeks, after application. Tooth brushing is essential for the general health of your pet, as well as more pleasant odors from the mouth of your pooch!  This service is just $10.
Some of our dogs can't naturally remove the liquid from their anal glands as fast as it is produced. This can lead to a full gland, or "impacted" gland. This can be very uncomfortable for your pet, and no doubt uncomfortable for you to watch the little guy dragging his butt across the living-room floor. This is a particularly dirty job and costs $25 unless your pet is getting a bath at which point it is included in the grooming cost!
These are just a few of our services, Please feel free to inquire about anything... We are happy to help in any way possible!
Nail Trimming:
All Nail Trims include grinding the edges smooth!
Price may go up on "spirited" dogs, or dogs that may need a muzzle.
Tidy up Trim (Includes Bath Services, and Tidy of Face, Feet, & Tail)
Tidy up trim includes bath services listed above with trim of face, feet, tail, and haunches.